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At www.lil-bunna.de you will find everything to do with the almighty Highroller! In the "Downloads" area you can download every imaginable Bunnaboy mixtape completely free of charge! Additionally you will find links to every commercial release! In order to always be up to date on upcoming releases, you should always check under "Upcoming".

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But who is Lil Bunna?

Lil Bunna, real name Maxymilian Léon Schmid, is a German rapper and entertainer who clearly stands out from the crowd. No other musician manages to mix hard lyrics with a lot of humor so well.

The "almighty high roller" has been rapping since 2012 and has also been releasing his music online since late 2013.

Over 50 (!) Mixtapes & EPs have been released so far; Records without any compulsion and tension, also released!

You can download every single mixtape for free at www.lil-bunna.de!

In addition to his work as a musician, Bunna is also a web video producer, blogger and satirist.

Bunna Highroller is more than just a mixtape rapper - and has been since 2012!


Good to know:

If you're still looking for a suitable live act for your party, you've come to the right place at www.lil-bunna.de! Bunna Highroller offers you more than just boring entertainment for a comparatively small fee. But you can find out more about this and how you can book the chief of the Bunnatiere here.

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Unfortunately, some of my (older) mixtapes and EPs can no longer be found and I can therefore no longer upload them again!

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